Skills and Experiences

Information Technology (Sample)

Operating systems: Linux, Red Hat, CentOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows
Network: TCP/IP, Switches, Router, Cisco, Postfix, Cyrus, SMTP, DNS, Nagios
Security: Firewalls, SSL, TLS, ACLs, Public Key Systeme, GPG, PGP, S/MIME, ssh
Languages: Java, C++, C, Tcl/Tk, Lisp, Assembler, VisualBasic, bash, Perl
Web technology: AJAX, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, Apache, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP
Frameworks: Java EE, Java SE, Spring, struts, STL, POSIX, CORBA, MFC, gtk+
Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQL, PL/pgSQL, PL/SQL
Connectivity: Hibernate, JDBC, ODBC
Storage: NAS, SAN, DLT, RAID, lvm, rsync, Samba
Tools: NetBeans, Emacs, ARIS, yacc, lex, awk, sed, LaTeX, Developer Studio
Methods: BPM, IoC, DI, AOP, OOP, OOD, OR, VR, SE, autoconf/make
VCS: SVN, CVS, Visual SourceSafe
CMS: Sharepoint, Typo3, Lenya
Applications: MS Office, OpenOffice, MS Project, Visio, Outlook, Mozilla
Multimedia: Transcoding, ImageMagick, Gimp, ffmpeg, Gallery (menalto), lame
Problem areas: Concurrency, Cluster, Scalability


UMTS, GPRS, GSM, ISDN, POTS, LAN, MAN, WAN, VoIP, i-mode, iHTML, cHTML, XHTML, XHTML MP, WAP, WML, Vodafone live! PartnerML, FitML

Project Management

Leadership of international teams for the realisation of major IT and Telecom projects.


Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE, University of Cambridge)

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